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The RedShank

We are a husband and wife team with a passion for good quality food. We opened our hatch for the 1st time in October 2018. We have both worked in hospitality for most of our careers.  Jamie has grown up surrounded by seafood with his dad being a fisherman in Kylesku. He has been a chef for many years and has a passion for good quality local seafood.


The Redshank was created by a need for another option for the takeaway scene in Inverness. We loved the idea of street food with a difference. We create menus with fresh fish from the waters around Scotland. We try creating gourmet fast-food from our little kitchen on wheels. 

We change our menu every week with what is available from the fish markets. We source our meat and bread from local suppliers. We post on-line locations and the menu for the week. People then know where to find us and can plan ahead. We also know not everyone loves fish as much as we do so we create a dish for the meat eaters too. 

Fish ‘n’ collect

We had to close the hatch on 'The Redshank' until the storm passes.
We knew it was the safest choice for our staff and our customers but out of the depths came the idea for Fish 'n' Collect.

Fish 'n' Collect was created for us to continue to supply customers with great quality products in very unusual times.

We don't just supply fresh fish but we also do ready made meals and meal kits.
We may not be serving hot food from the hatch at the moment, but we can still give customers 'The Redshank' quality they have come accustomed too in the past.
We have created meal kits like our infamous Kedgeree, Scallop tacos and many more to come. People have a bit more time to cook now but are limited on how they shop so we try and change the offering every week so people can change what they eat every week. 


  • Click on shop at the top of this page.
  • See what we have on offer for the week.
  • 'Plaice' your order.
  • Get a delivery in the local Inverness area on a Wednesday or Friday (£2.00)


         catch us at our trailer in the evening between 5pm-6pm

         Tuesday to Thursday for pick up.



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